Sanitary Ware Suites
The main requirement of every commercial, residential and industrial place is an efficient and great sanitation standard. This demands quick installation of different Sanitary Ware Suites that include wash basins and toilets, which are the primary facilities needed to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.
Water Closet with Cistern
Our Water Closet with Cistern is safe from moisture that implies they deliver zero effects due to water. They also have a shatterproof and unbreakable structure, which makes them to last longer. These are precisely composed by using ceramic, which will require less handling and cleaning.
Wash Basins
Our Wash Basins can suit any interior setup of the users. They are reliable, modular, and compact as well as have broad and deep bowl for proper hand cleaning. The design is sophisticated, innovative and sleek, which is also simple to clean in just few seconds.
Wash Basin with Pedestal
The provided Wash Basin with Pedestal range is available in both floral and standard designs. This is comfortable to use and simple to maintain. In addition, it depicts modular design and effectively deep bowl with hidden water drainage system.
Rustic Wash Basins
Our Rustic Wash Basins are the new standard in sanitary ware category. These are utilized in hotels, resorts and allied places because they can embellish washrooms’ interior with just their elegance and functionality. Nevertheless, their vibrant colors make them look exceptionally modular and practical.
Vitrosa Wash Basins
The sanitaryware items that attract eyes, deliver elegant finish and practical usage are our Vitrosa Wash Basins. These are immaculate for installation in any places such as hotels, homes, resorts, etc. They also delineate modular and innovative structure that is simple to handle and clean for complete hygiene levels.
Ceramic Wash Basins
For proper hand cleaning, our Ceramic Wash Basins are second to none. Their designs and functionality altogether depict quality and sophistication that no other wash basins can deliver. They have been polished to get shiny and sleek finishing, which is also easier to clean.
Squatting Pan
Squatting Pans are the customary sanitaryware items. These have additional smoothness and reliability that make them simple to maintain and use. They may come in distinctive designs, shapes, colors and finishes to complement the bathroom interior accordingly.

Flush Urinals
These Flush Urinals are installed in men washrooms of different areas such as homes, schools and colleges. They have a flush either on the top or the side for flushing down the fluids and other things. These additionally have drainage and odor control systems.
Kitchen Sinks
The offered Kitchen Sinks deliver modular and elegant look to the customers’ kitchens. As these are composed from ceramic material, they are safe against denting, staining, and extreme temperatures. They have glossy finish and drainer system that does not clog the pipes.
Shower Tray
Come to us to buy rectangular shower trays. In a shower unit, it is important to install a shower tray to ensure correct and controlled flow of water.
Bathroom Accessories
We have in store a wide range of bathroom accessories, each of which is necessary a fully-functional bathroom. Ceramic is one dominating material in which these accessories are produced.
Flush Tank
Toilet flush tank completes a toilet as it holds the water required for flushing toilet after use. Customers can select between flush tank with side handle or dual valve push buttons.

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