One Piece Closet

One piece closets have a pleasing structure, light weight and alluring finishing. These are great option as there is less room for bacteria to grow and are typically heavier and easier to clean. One piece closets have tank which is removable.

Wall Hung Closet

Wall hung closets are found in hotels, offices and homes as well. These are appreciated because they do not take much space for the installation. Wall hung closets are best suitable for small bathrooms. Our offerings can tolerate maximum weight, owing to their sturdiness. 

Two Piece Closet

Two piece closets contain bowl and tank as two most important components. These are light weight and can be easily installed and maintained. Our offerings require small space for the installation. Two piece closets have a lustrous structure and smooth surface. 

Water Closet
Water closets are utilized widely in homes and hotels. These also prevent interruptions during bath time due to bathroom demands, which can be a problem in bathrooms with tubs and showers in the same space. Water closets do not require much space. 
Pedestal Wash Basin

Pedestal wash basins are installed usually in the bathroom for washing and cleaning hands or face. These are rugged in construction and provide longer working life. Our products have an elegant structure which adds to the décor. Pedestal wash basins are easy to install.

Wash Basin Half Pedestal

Wash basins half pedestal does not require much space for the installation. These make your bathroom feel larger and are excellent for tiny areas. Our offerings are simple to clean and maintain. Wash basins half pedestal hide the plumbing work. 

Table Top Basin

Table top basins come in a variety of patterns, shapes, and sizes. These are styled in a way that adds to the beauty of your décor. The said products give your bathroom a modest and modern appearance. Table top basins are used for washing hands and face. 

Wall Hung Basin

Wall hung basins are extremely beautiful and luscious in appearance. These are available in different sizes, shapes and designs. Our offerings do not take much space for the installation. Wall hung basins are equipped with both hot and cold-water taps. 

Counter Basin

Counter basins have a modular design, smooth edges and dimensional accuracy. These are extremely convenient to take care of and maintain. The said products are fixed onto a flat surface. Counter basins have maximum durability and strong structure. 


Mounting urinals save a lot of water and maintenance as well. These are installed in the restrooms of offices, hotels, shopping complexes, restaurants, cinema halls and more. Urinals have a robust structure and are wall mounted. Our products are available in various designs, shapes and sizes. 

Lab Sink

Lab sinks are crucial to have fresh water that is not contaminated in the lab because clean equipment depends on it. You can put a water filter option in a scientific sink, ensuring that any impurities are easily eliminated before cleaning tools or supplies or washing hands.

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories include several things that are beneficial for the bathroom like shelf, hook, paper holder, soap dish, ceramic tiles, division plate and more. Bathroom accessories are perfect for organizing and arranging things. Our offerings have qualities like compactness and durability. 

Designer Collection Wash Basin

Designer collection wash basins are appreciated for their longevity, strong construction and flawlessness. These are wall mounted and have a sizeable bowl along with cold & hot water taps. Designer collection wash basins are simpler to keep clean and maintain. 

Sanitary Ware Suite
The main requirement of every commercial, residential and industrial place is an efficient and great sanitation standard. This demands quick installation of different Sanitary Ware Suites that include wash basins and toilets, which are the primary facilities needed to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.
Squatting Pan

Squatting pans have a sturdy structure and maximum longevity. These are accessible in a variety of designs, but they all essentially feature a toilet pan or bowl at floor level. Squatting pans make the evacuation convenient and easier.

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