Squatting Pan

Squatting pans are most commonly designed for Indian washrooms. This means that the defecation posture is to kneel over the toilet drain or hole with one foot on each side. These come in a variety of designs, but they all essentially feature a toilet pan or bowl at floor level. In addition to this, our offerings make the evacuation convenient and easier. The said products avoid faecal stagnation which is a contributing factor to appendicitis, colon cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, and inflammatory bowel disease. Squatting pans are easy to clean and maintain. These are extremely strong and can be bear heavy load. 

Indian Toilet Seat

  • Supply Ability:10000 Per Day
Price: 525.14 INR/Piece

Full Deep Pan

  • Supply Ability:10000 Per Day
Price: 3000.00 - 4000.00 INR/Piece

Aqua Pan

Price: 8 USD ($)

Orissa Celo Pan

Price: 6.80 USD ($)

Stand Pan

Price: 6.80 USD ($)

Box Eastern Pan

Price: 3.80 USD ($)

M D Pan

Price: 3 USD ($)

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